Alloy Brewing Course

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Tools used in development: Articulate Storyline

Client: Alloy Brewing Company


While the three people who started Alloy Brewing know the processes to craft many types of beer, most of Alloy's servers do not know the steps. Servers have a chance to join at least one brewing day each year, but they are often overwhelmed by all the details and steps in the process.


The subject matter experts (SMEs) at Alloy walked me through the brewing process for several types of beer (and a seltzer). This course introduces Alloy's equipment, the basic steps in brewing, and how that process deviates for different types of beer. Alloy's servers will use this as pre-work before they get the opportunity to help with the hands-on process on a brewing day.

This course is also available on Alloy's website, so interested customers can also learn where their beer comes from.


Throughout this process, I have learned how to run effective SME meetings, take notes quickly and transcribe them into a usable format, create storyboards for stakeholder review, and a whole lot about craft brewing.