Oculus for Business

Tools used in development: Articulate Rise, Wistia.com, Oculus Quest, Canva

Client: Business Analyst for a large corporation, specializing in Virtual Reality


The IT department provides Virtual Reality (VR) solutions to teams within the global company. This small team within IT has purchased over 900 headsets to date, to be sent and used by an ever-changing group of employees, many of whom have never used VR. While the Oculus Quest headsets are quite intuitive, the steps for setting up a virtual space and accessing online collaborative environments are not as straightforward.


This course teaches remote VR users how to properly set up the Oculus hardware and access the enterprise software in a streamlined format, making no assumptions about the user's knowledge or comfort with this new technology.


The Oculus for Business course has been sent to hundreds of employees, significantly reducing the need for IT to help with troubleshooting before and during VR demonstrations.