Child Development Training

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Child Dev 2017.pdf

Leader Guide

Child Development

Tools used in development: Google Slides, Google Docs, MS Word

Client: Stillwater Adventure Club

Collaborators: Kristen Bernard and Taylor Mazzara


In 2017, Minnesota enacted new legislation that impacts School Age Care programs. One of the new requirements is that each employee receives two hours of Child Development training every year.

While the Stillwater child care employees were already meeting a higher training standard, this team determined that a dedicated course would ensure compliance with the new requirement.


The leadership team of the Stillwater Adventure Club program collaborated to develop this two-hour instructor-led training on Child Development. We designed this course to introduce basic concepts of brain development and executive functioning skills from birth to young adulthood, along with an overview of typical development for ages 4-12. We facilitated small group activities along with both large and small group discussions. We also adapted our delivery for the size of our audience, from 5-55 attendees.


Over 50 staff members attended our first training in August 2017. We led five subsequent sessions, reaching 90% staff attendance compliance by December and 100% by June 2018.