Leadership Skills for Part Time Employees

Leadership Handout.pdf
Leadership Guide.pdf

Tools used in development: MS Power Point, MS Word

Client: Practice course for IDOL Courses Academy


Employees in most roles must demonstrate leadership skills before moving into more formal leadership or management positions. Part-time employees, particularly those in service-sector jobs, are often unclear about what they can do to demonstrate the skills needed to move into formal leadership or management positions.


This instructor-led training gives part-time staff members in the service industry an opportunity to identify and discuss various ways in which they can take on a leadership role in their current positions. This course covers different ways to lead, scenarios to decide when and how to take charge, and discussions about leading peers.


While building this course, I focused on designing PowerPoint slides with more visuals than text, understanding that our brains cannot simultaneously process reading and listening. The leader guide includes a detailed script to accompany the visuals.