Employee Action Form

Fillable EAF.pdf

Tools used in development: Adobe Acrobat Pro

Client: Stillwater Area schools

Collaborators: Taylor Mazzara and Kristen Bernard


Managers must fill out an Employee Action Form each time an hourly employee is hired or their work assignment changes. This form was created in MS Word. However, as the organization moved away from Microsoft tools, new computers were not equipped with MS Office software, making forms like this difficult to send between Mac and PC devices.


Uploading the Word form into Adobe Acrobat Pro, I adjusted fillable text boxes, then added and formatted checkboxes. While this initially worked great within Adobe, it took several iterations. After sending the PDF to both Mac and PC computers via email as well as uploading it to Google Drive and making adjustments after each test, we landed on a winner.


Some managers must complete this form for over 100 staff members twice each calendar year. This interactive PDF version of the Employee Action Form dramatically improves the ease of use and formatting of data collected by those without access to MS Office.