The Soar Method

Tools used in development: Camtasia, Canva, Envato Elements

Client: Practice course for IDOL Courses Academy


IDOL Courses Academy provided the narration audio for this video. My challenge was to find and add video, text, and background music, and to create a unique intro and outro.


I used the free trial of Camtasia to build this video, downloading and clipping stock video assets from Canva and Envato Elements. This project uses Camtasia's visual effects including image animations, text behaviors, and video transitions. Audio edits include fading and clipping, and I seamlessly added to the background music track to match the length of the narration.


Throughout this process, I learned to navigate the Camtasia timeline, search stock video for a cohesive product, and edit audio clips and volume. With this video, I met the requirements for an IDOL "Camtasia Skilled" badge.